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This site is a PoC to create a digital recreation of the game Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) using various A.I models & APIs.

To start a new campaign, click the button on the left. Relax, the AI Dungeon Master needs to warm up (~30sec).
Campaign progress is stored locally in your browser, but you can use the code you see on the left to continue the campaign from anywhere.

PS. If the DM tells you he's sleeping, i've gone over my usage limits - sorry.

Enable DM text readout
(AWS Polly)

Enable image generation
(OpenAI Dalle2)

Enable dictation mode
(WebSpeech API - doesn't work on Brave)

┣ error-handing!
┣ DM naration options, speed/voice
┣ non-DM character AI voices
┣ multiplayer
┗ A.I players

Daniel Reece